LUO GARDEN is another brilliant masterwork presented to the world by the famous designer Luo Zheng. It is a fashion art space that perfectly integrates oriental aesthetics and modern life. LUO GARDEN takes inspiration from vegetation of all seasons and perfectly integrates fashion, floriculture, tea culture, incense culture, coffee, music and art. It is a visually and mentally pleasant and dreamy garden created for independent and beautiful women.

Sensory experience zone


What jumps into your sight is a creative garden zone, an artistic space where clothes and floriculture harmoniously integrate and interact with each other.

High-quality flowers from all over the world, coupled with inspiration and creation of excellent florists, convert into a diversity of flower art essence. Everyone who passes by will be touched by the exquisite flowers. “With flowers as neighbor” in the romantic garden, you will be able to enjoy a visual and olfactory feast.




First of all, the creative garden area is a beautiful space that is blended together with flower art. High quality flowers from all over the world, combined with the inspiration and creation of excellent florists, have turned out rich and varied flower art works.
Every friend passing through will be heartfelt and yearning for the beautiful flower art. In the romantic garden, "the flower is the neighbour", which makes you feel the enjoyment of sight and smell.