"LUO GARDEN ROM. GARDEN" is a famous designer LUO to present another wonderful masterpiece, is a perfect combination of Oriental aesthetics and contemporary life fashion art space, LUO GARDEN ROM. Set the four seasons GARDEN vegetation as the spirit, will fashion, flower art, tea ceremony, teachers, coffee, a perfect fusion of music and art is good for independent women to create a pleasing to the eye, yue heart dream GARDEN



As a high-end women's clothing brand created by Miss Luo Zheng, the OMNIALUO is a unique design element with the original flower pattern. The Oriental prosody and Western tailoring blend up, reaching the elegant, romantic and fashionable women. At the same time, it has also been praised by the majority of customers as "poetic women's clothes".
In 2006, the top prize of the Chinese costume design award, the top prize of the Chinese costume design award, was also deeply loved by many stars. Fan Bingbing, Zhang Ziyi and Yu Dan all chose the Chinese dress as the first choice to attend all kinds of activities.
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Now there are more than 200 brand stores, and sales channels cover 32 provinces. And cities all over the country.