LUO GARDEN is another brilliant masterwork presented to the world by the famous designer Luo Zheng. It is a fashion art space that perfectly integrates oriental aesthetics and modern life. LUO GARDEN takes inspiration from vegetation of all seasons and perfectly integrates fashion, floriculture, tea culture, incense culture, coffee, music and art. It is a visually and mentally pleasant and dreamy garden created for independent and beautiful women.

Flourishing designers


“Original Collections of Independent Designers” are works independently designed by domestic and foreign young designers introduced by Ms. Luo Zheng. While those works reflect the interactions between diversified design elements, they provide young designers with a stage for showcasing and display fashionable and avant-garde costume culture and elements to those with unique aesthetic taste.

 Thanks to Ms. Luo Zheng’s cherishing of talents, young designers are able to create the best clothes with even more confidence and perseverance and lead the Chinese fashion industry towards an increasingly competent position.

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Now there are more than 200 brand stores, and sales channels cover 32 provinces. And cities all over the country.