Brand Origin


OMNIALUO originates from the dedication and pursuit of the brand founder luo zheng for perfection. It is a combination of the Latin Omnia and luo zheng surnames. OMNIALUO with beautiful, smart and unique design language, brought out for the Chinese women's "poetic ladies", and independent of the Chinese women are beautiful, show their elegance and free along with the gender of the charming temperament, form suitable for Oriental female east new romanticism aesthetic style.

Brand Positioning


OMNIALUO has been described as a "poetic women's wear", with eastern and western cultures as its basis. It combines exquisite design skills and modern techniques to form an Oriental new romantic style suitable for eastern women's aesthetics. European BaiLanNu unique east new romantic style, pay attention to the romantic, classic elements of inheritance and innovation, appear natural and harmonious grace: color transition nature, rich administrative levels, and exquisite detail, sophisticated technology, rich sense of value.



OMNIALUO was founded in 1996 by luo zheng, China's top fashion designer, as design director. In luo led by European BaiLanNu OMNIALUO designer team, with their unique design language interpretation of fashionable tide of awareness and sense of touch, for fashionable personage sincerely sent a refined, sophisticated life perfect interpretation of the dream house.

European BaiLanNu (OMNIALUO) in mix European neoclassicism style with Oriental female unique aesthetic temperament and interest into an organic whole, shaping noble, elegant and sexy female image, deep obtain intellectual temperament women's advocate.
The company has an international innovative r&d team, designed and developed products for OMNIALUO brand, LUOZHENG clothing and advanced order series. The company attaches great importance to original design and brand protection. It has hundreds of original design patents and will carry out the concept of new Oriental aesthetics. Perfectly integrate design with modern life.



The theme of OMNIALUO's spring and summer 2018 new products -- preheating of tea flowers.


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Now there are more than 200 brand stores, sales channels covering 32 provinces. And cities all over the country.

Yuelu district, changsha.

Floor 3, lushan store, tongcheng commercial plaza, fenglin road, yuelu district, changsha city, hunan province