Design as a link to help fashion sustainable development

Today, as global fashion accelerates to promote green and sustainable development, how to achieve harmonious coexistence between man and nature has become the focus of many fashion brands. This is in line with the traditional Chinese culture that emphasizes the symbiosis between man and nature, the pursuit of the unity of heaven and man, and the concept of Taoism and nature.

LUOZHENG has always adhered to the concept of sustainable development while adhering to the innovation and development of Oriental aesthetics. It attaches great importance to the protection of the natural environment in terms of materials, technology and design, and insists on the use of natural cotton and linen materials and plant dyes. Reduce the pollution of chemical materials to the environment, help the sustainable development of the fashion industry, and assume the social responsibility of green and sustainable development as a Chinese fashion brand.

The sustainable development of the fashion industry is also inseparable from the discovery and training of new designers. Over the years, Luo Zheng has always tried her best to provide support for young design talents in various aspects: She has invested millions to launch the Luo Zheng Scholarship program, giving awards and support to young outstanding original fashion designers, and exploring and cultivating more original Chinese design forces.

Talking about the original intention of setting up the scholarship, Luo Zheng said: "In 2003, when I was still a nobody, I won the first international fashion design award in my life, the first place in the Top 10 newcomers of the NAUTICA Creative Fund Platinum Award. It was with the prize of $25,000 that I went to France and held a fashion show in the Louvre, everyone's dream art palace, and took my first step on the international fashion stage. Because of this award, I made a wish at that time, "If I succeed in the future, I must use my strength to help more people with design talent realize their dreams." Therefore, the establishment of the Luo Zheng Scholarship is just to fulfill the promise of that year." She helped Italy's Marangoni Fashion and Design Training Center, the world's top fashion education institute, land in Shenzhen, making it one of the top ten campuses in the world, promoting young designers to integrate with the international fashion industry.

For young designers in the process of growing up hardships and difficulties, Luo Zheng often says that he can sympathize, because she has come all the way, and also hopes to bring more experience to young designers, and calls on everyone to help young designers in the "micro" can reach out to help them ignite the passion and dream of design. "My biggest wish is to hope that the Italian Marangoni College Shenzhen campus can become the" Whampoa Military Academy "for the training of Chinese fashion talents, to build a bridge for young design forces to the world fashion, and finally let the voice of Oriental aesthetics sing the top of the world fashion."