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Chairman of shenzhen Orient yishang clothing co. LTD

Luo zheng, founder of the women's wear brand "oberranu"

From shenzhen university international trade specialized graduation, luo first do graphic design for many years, after crossover turned into fashion design, in 1996 founded the "euro OMNIALUO BaiLanNu" women's clothing brand, with "poetic grace" romantic style, quickly get the favour of fashionable women.

From the lo wu "east new world" stores to rent out first "ou BaiLanNu" boutique shops, after 21 years of development, today's "ou BaiLanNu" brand has opened more than 200 stores in 32 provinces and municipalities and artistic life hall, become a leading brand in Chinese designer women's clothing.

"I think I'm in a good time."

Recalling the past, luo zheng laments that shenzhen is a land of entrepreneurship. , she believes, as the forefront of reform and opening-up, near Hong Kong, shenzhen fashion information developed, the avant-garde, and in the process of to the world clothing brand OEM accumulated a powerful production base, shenzhen clothing design work, or marketing concepts, is unique in the market. Thanks to such industrial soil and urban environment, "oberranu" and other clothing brands in shenzhen can develop rapidly and make a nationwide sound.

Luo was more grateful for the city's unique atmosphere of encouraging innovation and tolerating failure.

Luo says, in shenzhen, between person and person is equal, not seniority and society, everyone can try all kinds of ideas, brandish asperses of his own ideas, and don't have to worry about a "predecessors" out bossing, book to stop you from "this material can't use" "can't take these two kinds of material. Shenzhen is a city where "heroes don't ask for their provenance". Even if your ideas are in the sky, as long as you make achievements, you will not point fingers, but also show special respect and appreciation.

An expedition to the international runway to demonstrate "eastern new romanticism"

Luo zheng is elegant and spiritual, and her brand is no exception. For example, she has a romantic and dynamic DNA.

Luo design clothing, many with unique Oriental aesthetic as design concept, using the pure and fresh, elegant color, free, elegant fabrics, spiritual and aesthetic feeling, let a person can't help the illusion, as if that is not a dress, but a full of Oriental brush ink painting picture scroll down in front of you, thick makeup weak wipe always appropriate, poetic and romantic.

"I think there are five elements in everything. Good costume design is human and spiritual. If this degree is handled well, it will bring out the beauty of harmony. Luo said.

Romance is the gene of luo zheng, while Oriental culture is the life of luo zheng's works.She hopes that through her unique understanding and expression, more young people in the world will know and love this great Oriental beauty.

Therefore, with her "eastern new romanticism", luo zheng confidently and bravely went to the international runway.

, 2003 Luo Zhengyong nau creative fund platinum award first prize of $25000, with five outstanding fashion designers abroad, to "fashion China" fashion show held in Paris, France the Louvre, become the first domestic performance costume designer in the Louvre, blockbuster.

2003年 Invited to the Louvre in Paris, France to hold "fashion China" fashion press conference

2008, luo has become the first domestic debut at New York fashion week couturiers, her sons of "peach blossom" shows a great success, just 15 minutes show clap three times, after the spectators lined up to her.

The international T - stand is a higher platform and gives luo a wider vision. The first world war in New York transformed her view of design.

Luo said that before making the domestic fashion show, basically is to see the judges experts and academics, and foreign audiences mostly buy hand, even the media, and questions from the foreign media and domestic is different.The foreign media will not pay special attention to your design inspiration and theme, but will ask "what kind of people and occasions are your clothes suitable for?This made her feel uneasy and deeply reflective.She began to understand, design should be people-oriented, a real play art designers should not blindly fantasy and regardless of the market, not to grounding gas, she should pursue the combination of art and market, her creations should be art, form and content perfectly.Let more people appreciate and share the beauty of your work, otherwise, you will lose the real meaning of designing clothes.

Since then, luo pay more attention to the combination of art and commerce, she will personally to the stores to understand market and customer requirements analysis and research, according to their skin color and temperament big adjustment on the comfort of clothing. At the same time, her Oriental aesthetic design has also integrated more international colors.

In November 2013, luo zheng was invited to act as the designer of women leaders and their wives at the 2014 APEC meeting in Beijing. She and creative team adhering to the "share the beauty of its beauty, mei-mei" concept, in the Chinese traditional elements in the design of combined with international design concept and innovation, to create a set of photograph was quoted harmony, there are both the Oriental artistic conception beauty and clothing and the different feeling of meeting.

After the APEC meeting, LuoZheng founded a personal fashion brand named LuoZheng, aiming to perfectly integrate Oriental aesthetics with contemporary life and pursue the leisurely artistic conception of the unity of nature and man.

Zheng zheng brand fashion spring and summer series designed by LuoZheng

"I hope with numerous Chinese excellent designers, the traditional Chinese culture and not copy these regeneration artistic treasures, forming its own unique design language, creating new Oriental romanticism aesthetic thoughts. I think it's not just China, it's all mankind. Luo said.

Zheng zheng brand fashion spring and summer series designed by LuoZheng

Juansi jin, help shenzhen to build an international design fashion capital

Of all the design elements of Oriental aesthetics, luo zheng was particularly fond of magnolia flowers. Why, because one of the mothers name "jade" word, also because the birthplace of Beijing have forget not to drop the "city everywhere all yulan" childhood memory, but more importantly, magnolia trees tall and straight, flowers were blossoming up, beautiful and elegant, overflowing fragrance. Luo said, she is very advocate magnolia this noble firmness, moral sense ender ze, a symbol of independent up, therefore the magnolia flower as "ou BaiLanNu" brand spirit of totem and brand.

Unexpectedly, luo zheng's tiny magnolia flower, however, has unwittingly set up a bridge between shenzhen and the world's fashion world.

In 2012, Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion guru, was invited to participate in the biennial art exhibition at the grand palais in Paris

In 2012, Stefania & NBSP, the CEO of ELITE ELITE, an ELITE Italian modeling agency, said: Valenti traveled to shenzhen to visit the oberrano brand on the recommendation of friends. Valentine appreciated luo zheng's Oriental aesthetic design very much, and took a fancy to a jade blue orchid dress. Luo zheng wanted to give it to her as a gift, but she insisted on paying for it herself. "I love this dress not because you can give it to me, but because it has Oriental elements and international language like this, which is so rare in Italy," valentino said. "There are so many excellent women's wear brands in shenzhen and I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with this new fashion city in the future," she said reluctantly before leaving.

The speaker is careless and the listener is attentive. Soon after, luo to shenzhen longhua new district cooperation relation with the world ELITE model company, eventually led to in 2013, 2014, two successive "ELITE world ELITE model contest global finals" and the Italian Vogue magazine sponsored by the global emerging designers contest held in shenzhen.

As shenzhen CPPCC, luo also used for many years the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) advice platform, designed for shenzhen garment industry transformation and upgrading, make international fashion capital, speed up the design talent training and active call. In 2013, luo submitted to the Chinese people's political consultative conference meeting on the building of an internationally influential "China (shenzhen) fashion week" proposal ", directly promoted the "shenzhen fashion week" began to be founded in 2014, has become a fashion event in shenzhen.

Luo thinks that the apparel industry of shenzhen led the country, both in number of brands and output ranking first in the country, but compared to the world fashion center include fabric development, trend distribution, design, production, marketing planning, media promotion, business and service of form a complete set, logistics, etc., a complete industry chain, also has the very big disparity. Therefore, shenzhen needs both a close observation of the world's top fashion series, learn from them after, also need to create an international main platform to display their own clothing brand, enhance self-confidence.

Do a good "0 to 1" and try to answer "designer's question"

Luo zheng is confident that shenzhen will become a new international design fashion capital in the future. In her eyes, there are two basic tasks that are crucial. One is to cultivate local designers with an international vision, and the other is to enhance the innovation ability of cities. Therefore, when many people are busy doing 1-100 things, luo zheng is more willing to do things from 0 to 1. She believes that going from zero to one, from scratch, is the most innovative and revolutionary work that can make fundamental and substantial changes.

"Design is a very unusual and difficult road," luo said. "only love can keep going." This is a true reflection of her 21 years on the road.

Because of experience, so understand. Thanks for knowing.

In 2003, the then unknown luo zheng won the first international costume design award in her life -- the top 10 new entrants in the American NAUTICA creative fund platinum award. It is with competition to harvest a $25000 bonus, to France Luo Zhengyuan in everyone's dream palace Louvre art held a fashion show, from now on towards the first step on the road to the international fashion. Because of this award, luo zheng made a wish: "if it is successful in the future, I must use my strength to help more people with design talent realize their dreams."

In 2002, luo zheng won the platinum award of American NAUTICA creative fund

Luo is now making good on his promises.

Held last year, luo launched aimed at looking for a new creative design, original power and supporting the China fashion design new industry new talent "the star of the dream, the original costume design public welfare plan invitational". The first game, received nearly thousand copies of registration work, contributors from mainland cities and Hong Kong, Macao, both professional designers, also have clothing professional college students, more pure lovers of fashion design, there is no lack of among them a bright outstanding works. This boosted luo's confidence. At present, the second invitation competition of original costume design public welfare program has also been launched, and works are being collected.

Luo said the competition has no more commercial purpose and pays more attention to the public welfare nature. The idea of competition is "war for talent", so don't ask for the players age, don't ask the source, but will be very take a fancy to their innovation spirit, very value their work initiative and imagination.

In support of the competition, luo zheng decided to set up a "luo zheng scholarship" from 2016 to 2020 with a personal investment of one million yuan, which will be used to reward, promote and support new talents in design. Last year, when the first "luo zheng scholarship" was awarded, luo zheng was moved by the fact that he had finally realized his dream for many years.

The first prize winner of luo zheng and luo zheng scholarship, li jie

"It was during various professional design competitions that I participated in that year that I improved my design ability and recognized my value. Those honors also become the motivation for me to move forward, just like a pair of big hands pushing me forward. So I hope with the help of a public welfare competition held to explore some of the talented young prospects, let him firmly design creation of dream, let them at the time of stray confusion, get a encouragement, some funding, from this platform to obtain more professional skills and passion and confidence, so that the design of the precious flower leaves to dream."

Luo said, clothing creative design talent shortage is the bottleneck of fashion brand development, for designers to participate in the competition is the starting point of people dream of, but for the organizers, "blood" for the Chinese fashion industry is the core competition. At the same time, I hope to arouse the awareness of the society to protect the original works through such competitions.

"Every design innovation flame is very weak, it needs oxygen and space combustion, it also needs our careful care." She said.

Luo's efforts are also an attempt to find answers to the question of designers that has long been haunting our minds: why is it hard to produce world-renowned fashion designers at home? She thinks that the fundamental reason lies in education, which has a lot to do with the current mechanism, mode, marketization and internationalization of education in China's fashion design.

In 2016, luo actively and successfully introduced the world's top three famous fashion design institution -- Italian Ma Lange fashion institute located in shenzhen, founded the "shenzhen Ma Lange, fashion and design training center". This is Ma Lange institute in the world one of the seven main campus, faculty straight send direct election by headquarters in milan, Italy, courses are in complete accord with European campus, let domestic designers abroad also can not accept the international top fashion aesthetic education.

On October 18, 2016, marangoni shenzhen training center opened

Luo said she hopes the marangoni fashion and design training center in shenzhen will become a "huangpu military academy" for Chinese fashion talents.

From designers to designers and from commercial platforms to public service platforms, luo zheng has always been a dream-chasing sentiment towards light.

"All my life I have been on the road to my dreams. There is no deadline for my dreams.

Luo said shenzhen is a city with a gene for innovation and a city full of dreams. The young people here should have a little spirit of adventure. They should have the courage to "build dreams" and "pursue dreams".

"I want to work with these talented young designers to go out into the light and chase their dreams. I am willing to help him or her in micro time, to ignite their dreams, to stick to their dreams, and to achieve their dreams on the world stage of fashion design. Luo said.

Luo zheng and Robert richie, global President of Italy's marangoni institute group

Awards for designers of luo zheng scholarship

[ 人物小传 ]

luozhen:Was born in Beijing, 17 years old with her parents moved to shenzhen, China's famous women's clothing designer brands "euro OMNIALUO BaiLanNu" Luozheng well-dressed "founder", the shenzhen Oriental escape is clothing co., LTD., chairman and art director, Beijing 2014 APEC leaders clothing, sometimes in shenzhen, the first China's highest award for fashion design "jinding award winner, the fifth member of shenzhen city people's political consultative conference, the sixth session of the standing committee member, 2013" shenzhen ten outstanding female entrepreneurs ".

As China's leading fashion, luo debut for 21 years, deduced a with "hitting scene" the effect of entrepreneurial show: the fashion design trained, but she has been all the way in the field of fashion design profession highest honor; On the international runway, she moved and conquered the international mainstream fashion circle dominated by western culture with non-mainstream Oriental cultural elements.

For now, luo zheng is making a dramatic turn on the life stage: from an outstanding fashion designer to a designer's nurturer. From the "boss" of a fashion company to the "promoter" of a city's fashion capital; From the fashion commercial battlefield to the public welfare stage.