Duodong business is a new business form integrating sales exhibition, r&d office and business meeting.

China is entering the era of single-family commerce



The 798 art district is located in the dashan district of jiuxianqiao street, chaoyang district, Beijing. It is also called the dashanzi art district.Now, 798 has attracted wide attention from the media and the public at home and abroad, and has become a new landmark of Beijing's urban culture
Songshan Lake


South China

The only one has both first-class urban resources

And areas of primary natural resources

Level 1 natural landscape resources

· 1.5 times the water area of west lake

· 6.8 times the national standard of per capita green space

· 50 times more negative oxygen ions than urban areas

· 72 square kilometers of six theme parks

Primary city resources

South China's only australia-based landscape network planning

About 42 km international circuit lake cycling track

Dongguan middle school, a famous school with a history of 100 years

Super five-star resort hotel - hyatt hotel

13 international pioneer building clusters - songshan lake management committee, productivity building, songshan lake library, etc

Glazed Pavilion