Tea flower | oberrano 2018 spring and summer new products will be launched soon

| independent | confident | poetry | good |

Walk gracefully and meet your best self

A pond of petals inks ink

Make a poem of fragrance

The mind is as simple as the heart

Quiet time is good

Sing your heart into a song

Good things bloom...


The flowers are rich and elegant,Like rosy clouds like LAN, plain and gorgeous

The warm and plump flowers bloom the brightest spring

A beautiful woman has a garden in her heart

Let the soul always send out poetic and romantic fragrance

In the coming spring season

With fashion and artistic beauty in mind

Original designer brand oberrano

With the new spring and summer 2018 "tea flowers fu" elegant debut

Seek the essence and essence from romance and dreams

createA poetic place

2018 spring and summer new product "tea flowers fu" series

Take quiet elegant camellia as design element

Will be endowed with the vitality of the natural beauty and

The combination of classical and meaningful artistic beauty

Unique original printing and folding process

The art of spring will blossom in the modelling

Free to present the elegant posture of flowers

A new season for oberranu has broken out

Integrate the elegant time of eastern and western aesthetics

The design is elegant and flexible, with a dreariness

The line flows elegant aesthetic feeling, the mood is gentle and natural

The material of thin if cicada wing becomes the window of this season

As deep as the hidden world, so light as nothing

Bold use of Oriental grass and wood dyeing process

Show the aesthetic artistic conception of Oriental romanticism

East wind west gradually, the combination of Chinese and western

It is full of poetic flavor and elegance

Uphold the consistent aesthetic concept of oberranu

The early spring 2018 series is still poetic.The flowers are full of romance and art

With clothing as the garden,In a piece of flowers wanton present

As one of the best designers of oberrano

It's still fascinating here

New energy is released after a cold winter

In a season of flying and blooming flowers

Be independent and free to be yourself

Concise carving is a kind of placement of life texture

Oberranu has tried to put people first

The delicate elegance of Oriental women

Through the time hardening of the aesthetic zhen cheng

Outline modern women

Independent and confident, poetic and beautiful calm temperament