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Walk gracefully and meet your best self

Every day without dancing is a betrayal of life. -- Nietzsche

Flower girl dance, flower fairy dance,

Every graceful turn is a beautiful dance on the toe of life.

European classical ballet and Chinese traditional art crossover dance

On the evening of March 16, 2018, the original designer brand oberranu's new product launch event of autumn and winter 2018, "huawuji", was held in the art center of yachang (shenzhen).This "flower girl dance" press conference will explore new art forms again after the last opera attempt.Seek balance and breakthrough in eastern and western classic culture.

Inspired by flowers and ballet,Dance and art, video, music performance for crossover fusion,The combination of Chinese and western elements has a pleasant shape and broad meaningFor the guests to perform a graceful and smart fashion dance.

At the beginning of the show, the beautiful music sounds, the dazzling and gorgeous atmosphere, the high-tech holographic projection effect, let people enter the dreamland only beautiful world.

The graceful women in their light opal skirts whirled, their toes light and graceful, like ripples in the water. Hands held high, slightly twirled fingers, a bract of flowers blossoming. The slender, dancing figure is imprinted on the eternal wheel of time.

Every blossom of a flower is a dance of life.Blooming bright, fresh charm.Elegant and beautiful art dinner, originating from the perfect combination of European classicism and traditional Chinese art. Elegant and charming, clever and toe dance ballet is held to wander blossom fairy calyx, song of praise of life, is the European BaiLanNu always to rhyme, the west to the east of the beginner's mind.

With the melody of life,The light spirit dance

The model who wears the new products of the neon dress incarnates the dancing girl of the world, pink face peach flower, stepping on the beautiful melody to come, lead people to enter the dream world to imagine heartily.The new autumn and winter products of 2018, with the theme of "huaji dance", are the re-exploration of the fields of clothing, aesthetics, art and humanities, and are filled with the tension of the integration and collision of multiple cultural cores.The design was inspired by the oil painting ballerina of degas, a French impressionist painter, who combined European classical ballet with Chinese traditional art to present the pleasant surprise of elegance and romance in Oriental charm.

The precipitation of years, the breath of art, the fleeting shadow of the city, shining in every fashion, every piece of fabric, every detail,The new products of opelano show are not only fashion and fashion, but also a kind of design attitude, which is to explore the aesthetic philosophy from a new perspective.

There are the gauze skirt that moves spirit of spirit already, also have the material that contains firm and straight, cheongsam, dress, embroider, bud silk, velvet, knitting,The east and the west, the retro and the modern are mixed here.Sometimes elegant and soft beauty, sometimes dignified and gorgeous, such diversified collision, bring not only the visual beauty, but also the collision and blending of inspiration.

The designer takes the artistic features of natural flowers as the creative source of fashion design, picking up the autumn and winter series of ready-to-wear, flower dance clothes media, natural blooming, rich and innovative.From painting peony powder, pearl peach, your kiln green color, such as using the traditional manual craft, light and heavy, thick and thin, and the design of the strong and the weak contrast show the variation of the rhythm of life, between the musical beauty of the freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese city female independence self-confidence, deduce romantic lyric and being elegant hand in hand.

The original design of romantic fragrance is dancing slowly on the precious and delicate fabric, no need for dazzling lights, the natural and genial color is its most beautiful dance floor, graceful dance, graceful and graceful. Embroider, tie down, nail bead, stick a flower to wait for heavy handwork craftsmanship to express, highlighted the unique temperament of female elegant nobility. Restoring ancient ways bud silk sends out a new glamour under contemporary stereo clipping, overcoat collocation is folded to pass gauze skirt, for the qiu dong of massiness, bring long-unseen elegant light spirit.

Time blending, Oriental fashion's unbounded artistic expression

It's not just a show, it's a retrospective, it's an exploration, it's more innovative, it's not so much a show,Let's say it is an art collision of time blending, a multidimensional communication and fusion of new Oriental fashion unbounded art presentation.

In addition to the show, luo zheng's team also displayed the gaoding dress designed for phoenix TV's miss China 2017 global contest."Peach blossom fu, landscape green, yulan song" three series and phoenix TV three hosts weareastern aestheticsSeries, presenting refined and spiritual unique temperament.

With poetic ink, freehand flowers, Chinese traditional paintings and other elements skillfully carried on the dress,Using involute process and overlay design, perfect displayThe implicit imagination space and flexibility of the Oriental white space,Embellished with delicate decorations such as feathers, embroideries, beaded nails and handmade flowers,Presenting a strong Oriental artistic charm, it can be called "China on the skirt".

With the completion of the Fashion show, oberrano's autumn/winter 2018 launch event drew a successful conclusion.This is a beautiful cross - boundary dance, but also a wonderful art feast, "flower girl dance" will be elegant and romantic relaxation into the rhythm of life, with the use of light rhythmNew Oriental art formTo the best of modern and contemporaryaestheticsBoundless glamour.